Tuesday, 18 February 2014

That fruity feeling

At very long last, there's been some progress made down on the allotment.  It's been so horribly wet (and windy!) of late that there simply hasn't been any point going down there, never mind trying to actually do anything!

I bought some soft fruit bushes from Aldi the other week which have been waiting for an opportunity to be planted.  Today was their lucky day.

While this isn't a terribly exciting photo, at least I got something done.  There are 9 small fruit bushes in this new bed.  Bringing up the rear are three "Ben Nevis" black currants, in the centre are three "Hinnomaki" gooseberries, and at the front are three "Jonkheer van Tets" red currants.

I have some raspberry canes that need to go in so am hoping for some reasonable weather to get them in later this week.  Another job on the list is to make a fruit cage to go over this bed, as I know from experience that without one, the birds will pinch all the fruit.

Until next time. x


  1. May I suggest giving your fruit bushes more room. My black currant bushes are 6 feet in diameter. They'd be bigger if I didn't prune them. Red currants are 3 to 4 feet in diameter. Ditto the gooseberries. I hope you have the space. Enjoy your little fruit farm!

  2. Well done it's our half term next week and we are hoping to get to the lottie. We've had some fab fruit trees from Aldi


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