Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Things to gladden the heart

Several things made me smile today, the first of them being the three beautiful geese that flew overhead as I sat outside with my first cuppa of the day.

After breakfast, Small did some literacy exercises, in the form of cut-n-paste CVC spellings.  Following these we did some math, then he went outside to play.  It wasn't long before he came back, asking for the pavement chalk - which I thought was a little odd as the back yard was quite damp and I knew the chalk wouldn't work very well.

I have to give my son ten out of ten for ingenuity, as he soon discovered (after trying to write on the concrete, the wooden fence and some pallets I've got stacked up in the yard) that Mummy was right and it was too wet for the chalk.  He must have thought to himself, "Hmm, what can I write on that's dry?   Ah!  I know, the house."

So he did.

The wall outside my back door is now covered in math equations, although I do blame housemate for the very top sum as it's not my son's writing.  Small adores math, so I couldn't really be cross with him for defacing the house, and besides, the chalk is designed to wash off.

Later on, I answered a question posed by someone I follow on Facebook, and won a product from her teacherpayteachers store.  Turns out she's a fellow home schooler and her products take a refreshing approach.  My lucky day :)

Equally as good was the feedback left by someone who downloaded one of my products.  OK, it's only a freebie, but what did make me smile was the fact that the teacher who'd left the feedback was from Argentina.  It gave me a good feeling to think that something I created might end up being used to help teach kids in a classroom in another hemisphere that's half a world away.

Hope your day was a good one.

Until next time. x

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