Thursday, 23 January 2014

More books

As a book-aholic, especially when it comes to books for Small's education, who am I to resist a bargain!  I also trawl the library extensively for books to use in his education, and have ordered a couple of books from the "Magic Tree House" series to see what they're like.  Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually quite looking forward to reading them myself!

The Works have a big sale on at their retail stores at the moment, but a lot of the books they sell never actually make it to the shops and are sold exclusively via their website.  And before you ask, this is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to like their store.

Anyway, they had some writing skills books on the website, and while they're probably somewhat out of date as far as the National Curriculum goes, this doesn't matter a jot to us as homeschoolers.  I bought a few!

for various age-groups from 6-11

Small has also been getting on well with his reading, and is way above the level a 4 year-old would be expected to have reached were he at school.  Unfortunately when he saw the camera, he decided to pull silly faces!
This book, Percy and the Pirates is a level 4 book, but he's done amazingly well and read it fluently.

I also won a little competition today for a cute polar bears and penguins lapbook unit, which we'll have great fun working through.  This, and the lovely parcel of books, cheered me up no end as I had a tooth pulled on Monday and although I felt ok yesterday, today my face felt like I'd been used as a punch bag.

Until next time. x

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