Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year falls on 31st January in 2014, when it will become the year of the horse.  We've been learning all about the festival, and we've been doing some Chinese New Year themed activities and crafts.

First we read all about it using two books I got from the library, then we did some Chinese New Year dictation to help with literacy and spelling.

This book goes into quite a bit of detail and is ideal for older children.

Ideal for kinders and emergent readers
After we'd read our books, we did some Chinese New Year dictation sentences.  Just simple ones, but using knowledge we'd gained from reading the books.  Both the books are available from Amazon.

Finally, we made a Chinese dragon, using a free template from Red Ted Art.  Here's the finished dragon!

Tomorrow we'll make our Chinese paper lanterns and perhaps some red and gold paper chains if we have time.

Until next time. x

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