Saturday, 21 December 2013

Mr Observant

The trouble (or is that bonus?) of having a very observant four year-old is that he spots all your "mistakes".  He also spots everyone else's mistakes too!  Perhaps I should offer up his services as a proof reader to all the teachers whose products I buy via Teachers Pay Teachers :)

I recently put together a pack of subtraction worksheets aimed at year 1/2 or Kindergarten/1st Grade kids.  Small is currently "testing" these for me and out of the three sheets he's done this morning, he's noticed that a few of the sums appear twice.  He's taken great delight in pointing this out to me, saying: "They've made a mistake Mummy, I've already done this one."  He hasn't quite grasped the fact yet that Mummy makes some of the work he does!

In my defence, there are only a finite number of sums one can make using numbers up to 10, and the pack contains 10 different worksheets!

Until next time. x

Thursday, 19 December 2013

UK Coin Clip Art

Evening all.

I hope you're all keeping warm and cosy and are all ready for the B I G  E V E N T next week.  The shopping is done, the tree is up and the turkey crown is in the freezer.  Anything that hasn't been bought now won't be getting bought.

In other news, I've been hunting high and low on the web trying to find a set of clip art for UK coins that I can legitimately use to create educational products for Small.  There are lots of US/Canada/Australia ones available but nothing for the UK.  Anyway, a lovely lady saw my request on TeachersPayTeachers, and she's designed one.

So for anyone looking for UK coin clip art, your search is over.  Go to Teachers Resource Force and get it.  Currently $5.00 US, which is around £3.00 GBP.
I hope someone out there finds these useful!

Until next time. x

Friday, 6 December 2013

A seasonal freebie

As I am what my blog title says I am - ie practically penniless, I've opened up a little store over at TeachersPayTeachers in the hope that I might make a few dollars from selling on some of the material I create for Small so I can use the funds to buy more educational stuff for him.  Anything I put up in the store has been tried and tested by us first!

The first item uploaded has to be a free one, those are TPT's rules, and I thought I'd share it here in case any of you lovely readers can make use of a Christmassy math pack for your little ones.

The site is mainly geared towards an American market, and so products will take into account the US standards.  They're no bad thing though as the standards clearly set out what kids are meant to know, while leaving it up to the teachers how the kids achieve them.  The equivalent UK level for this pack is Year 1/Year 2.


Until next time. x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Great to get out

I don't suppose anyone on the eastern side of the UK found going out a particularly pleasant activity today.  It's been blowing a hoolie and, in places, lashing down with rain as well.  Not so yesterday as it was a lovely sunny day, cold with a light wind.  I went to Angler's Country Park with housemate as he wanted to try out his "driving licence".

Angler's Country Park
 Let me explain!

Angler's Country Park is one of the Wakefield district's flagship nature reserves, and the entire path around the lake is pushchair and wheelchair friendly.  While it's all very well pushing a stroller around - I did it when Small was in one - wheeling yourself around in a wheelchair or getting someone to push you round is no mean feat and being in a wheelchair makes it very hard for anyone who can't walk to get out.  Enter the motorised scooter.

The park has several of these ride-on scooters available for disabled people to use and on providing the necessary ID, one gets a "driving licence" to use one.  Housemate got himself his licence, and yesterday said he wanted to try it out so was able to join me and Small for the 2-mile walk around the lake.  While he said he was absolutely frozen by the end, he thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a very rare trip out for him.  What's even better, the scooters are free to hire.

Children's play area
There's a good children's play area at Angler's Country Park, and toilets, and a cafe that's open daily until around 3.30, several bird hides dotted around the lakeside and plenty of information in the Visitor Centre.

If you live in the area, or are visiting the district, a trip to Angler's Country Park is a must!

Until next time. x