Saturday, 21 December 2013

Mr Observant

The trouble (or is that bonus?) of having a very observant four year-old is that he spots all your "mistakes".  He also spots everyone else's mistakes too!  Perhaps I should offer up his services as a proof reader to all the teachers whose products I buy via Teachers Pay Teachers :)

I recently put together a pack of subtraction worksheets aimed at year 1/2 or Kindergarten/1st Grade kids.  Small is currently "testing" these for me and out of the three sheets he's done this morning, he's noticed that a few of the sums appear twice.  He's taken great delight in pointing this out to me, saying: "They've made a mistake Mummy, I've already done this one."  He hasn't quite grasped the fact yet that Mummy makes some of the work he does!

In my defence, there are only a finite number of sums one can make using numbers up to 10, and the pack contains 10 different worksheets!

Until next time. x

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  1. Hi..just found you ,i will be reading it all later..i did chuckle at the small one finding a mistake..i too home school my 2 girls..the amount of times they have found mistakes..well nevermind..
    O congrats on getting an allotment..we have one too..its great..


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