Thursday, 5 December 2013

Great to get out

I don't suppose anyone on the eastern side of the UK found going out a particularly pleasant activity today.  It's been blowing a hoolie and, in places, lashing down with rain as well.  Not so yesterday as it was a lovely sunny day, cold with a light wind.  I went to Angler's Country Park with housemate as he wanted to try out his "driving licence".

Angler's Country Park
 Let me explain!

Angler's Country Park is one of the Wakefield district's flagship nature reserves, and the entire path around the lake is pushchair and wheelchair friendly.  While it's all very well pushing a stroller around - I did it when Small was in one - wheeling yourself around in a wheelchair or getting someone to push you round is no mean feat and being in a wheelchair makes it very hard for anyone who can't walk to get out.  Enter the motorised scooter.

The park has several of these ride-on scooters available for disabled people to use and on providing the necessary ID, one gets a "driving licence" to use one.  Housemate got himself his licence, and yesterday said he wanted to try it out so was able to join me and Small for the 2-mile walk around the lake.  While he said he was absolutely frozen by the end, he thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a very rare trip out for him.  What's even better, the scooters are free to hire.

Children's play area
There's a good children's play area at Angler's Country Park, and toilets, and a cafe that's open daily until around 3.30, several bird hides dotted around the lakeside and plenty of information in the Visitor Centre.

If you live in the area, or are visiting the district, a trip to Angler's Country Park is a must!

Until next time. x


  1. Oooo we go here tons, very handy for Twiglet's bike riding. You should have popped up the hill to ours for a cuppa :)
    Twiggy x

  2. I use a mobility scooter regularly - it is much colder than walking. Extra tights and very warm gloves are definitely needed!


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