Monday, 11 November 2013

I like free

For the cost of an hour of my time, I managed to forage 5lb of free apples and 4lb of rosehips for my rosehip and apple jelly.  I don't want to make loads of it, so there was no point picking more.  There are plenty left for someone else and/or as winter food for the birds.  I did have a slight advantage for picking the apples - I borrowed housemate's "grabby stick" which helped me reach ones I couldn't otherwise have got to.

Foraged apples, variety unknown

The first batch has been cooked up pound for pound and is currently dripping through the jelly bag.  It's quite viscous so I'll probably leave it overnight and do the jelly tomorrow.  The remaining pound of apples can go with some more I have lying around to make some pectin for the freezer, ready for next year's jam/jelly making.

Until next time. x

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  1. Always best to leave a few for the wildlife. I am going to make this jelly too soon. I put the rosehips in the freezer until I get the time.


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