Thursday, 24 October 2013

Who locked the gate?

The poor allotment has been sadly neglected lately, and with a glorious day today it seemed an opportune moment to go down there and get something done.  I've not been totally idle as I have cleared an area of concrete I discovered in amongst the overgrowth, and this is intended to form the base of the chicken shed.  I have the shed parts and just need to enlist a little help from Mr Neighbour to move them from his allotment to mine.

Today the beginnings of the fence across the front of the lottie took shape, with two posts and a gate now in situ.  They look rather ridiculous at the moment, but the idea is to continue the rest of the fence with pallets and, where needed, some chicken wire to finish it off.

I did move the fallen down old shed base to see what was underneath, with a mind to dig it over and turn it into a bed as, having been covered up for so long, it was one of the few parts that's weed free!  Unfortunately, whoever had the plot before me had dug a lot of hardcore or something into the ground so it's not a suitable growing site.  Fortunately, because of the hardcore, it will make a good base for a new shed.

Other parts of the lottie are now covered to suppress weed growth in preparation for next year's growing season and in amongst the weeds and long grass I've found a good patch of strawberries which will need transplanting to another bed.

I hope today's weather has been kind to you as I believe it's been rather rough and wild, especially over on the west coast.

Until next time. x

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  1. A fence made of pallets. My kind of fence! All our fences are made of pallets. I don't know what we would do without them.
    Looks as though you are giving sensible thought to your allotment


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