Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It's Stoptober time

Evening All.

For those who don't know, it's Stoptober time.  No, I'm not referring to the NHS stop smoking campaign, but the stop spending efforts those of us who live frugally will be making this month.  So far, it's going well and apart from the mortgage payment which went out this morning, not a penny was spent today.

Small has a new calendar and word wall to play with learn from.  The former has a Halloween theme, and the latter focuses on words beginning with the CH blend.  He loves filling in the calendar page each morning, followed by reading through his words.  We usually change the word wall every 10 days or so.

This month's calendar and our word wall
I've been busy cooking up more free hedgerow produce that I picked yesterday, and a lovely 3/4 bottle of "Blackbeena" - a blackberry cordial that we all enjoy - was the result.  Sealed by virtue of being bottled hot, my cordials are stored in the cool, dark understairs cupboard and will see us through the winter.  Once opened, they're kept in the fridge.

"Blackbeena" cordial
Lastly, a nice surprise for housemate.  Neighbour lady had been telling us she'd had quite a lot of "double yolker" eggs from their new hens, who are in their first string of egg laying.  Housemate had commented that he hadn't seen one for years.  Knock-knock this evening, and she handed me this beauty which she assured me is one of the coveted "doubles".  It's huge.  More the size of a duck egg than a hen egg, and for the hen's sake I can only be thankful eggs come out soft-ish.  Otherwise, mega ouch!

Over to you!  What free produce have you collected from the hedgerow this year?

Until next time. x


  1. It's that time of year when the hedgerows are full of free bounty,apples pears plums rosehips elderberries rowan and haws all prolific here, wish we had blackberries but they don't seem to do well maybe it's the limestone rich soil

    The above have been jammed jellied frozen chutneyed and cordialed the pantry is overflowing :) its a great feeling having all that 'put by,

    Enjoy the egg :)

  2. Wow! That egg is huge! I'm still enjoying my harvest of blackberries in porridge every morning, although they are starting to run low now. You'll be enjoyed your harvested goodies for many months to come :)


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