Sunday, 27 October 2013

In the bag

Since I started shopping at Aldi, and staying away from the supermarkets that dish out free plastic carrier bags, my supply of bin liners has greatly diminished and my carrier bag holder is rather redundant!  While I don't exactly begrudge paying the 3p per bag that Aldi charges for its carriers, I try to remember to take my own shopping bags with me as it's silly to pay for bags when you don't have to.

Hand made shoppers
Although we haven't had the howling gales and torrential rain that was promised, and it's actually been a gloriously sunny if windy day, I decided to stay in today and use up a tiny bit of my fabric stash by making some more shoppers.

The stripy cotton canvas has been in my stash for ages and it seemed ideal for shopping bags.  I'll end up with three out of the piece of fabric I had, but so far have finished only two.  They're easy to make and look better with a lining.

Make the outer bag and box the corners.  I made my boxes 5" as this allows a nice wide base that's ideal for 4pt milk bottles.

Make a lining from whatever fabric you want - this was some that was in a 50p bundle I bought from Abakhan.

Turn your outer bag right side out and stitch your handles onto it.  I stitch over, back stitch and restitch over the handle parts for added strength.

Keeping the outer bag right side out, put it inside the lining which should be wrong side out.  Stitch around the top, leaving a gap between one set of handles so you can turn the bag through.  It will look like the photo below before you turn it ...

and like this during the turning process.

Pull it all through and then tuck the lining, which is now the right way out, inside the outer bag.  Press the top seam, folding under the "gap" bits to make a nice even edge.  Top stitch all around the bag, closing the gap, ending with a nice neat finish.

Et voila!  A nice, strong, attractive shopping bag that will last for ages.

Until next time. x

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