Saturday, 26 October 2013

A move around

A very busy day today as I've spent most of the day moving furniture, hoovering and tidying up in the kids bedroom.  The bunk beds were getting very cold against the outside wall, so with winter coming I decided to relocate it to the inside wall.  A pain in the backside because the door won't fully open, but at least it will be warmer for them.

Needless to say I'm exhausted after all that, so I'm enjoying an evening catching up with some programmes recorded earlier in the week.  Thankfully the promised gales and torrential rain have missed us so far, although housemate's mother phoned to say it was raining so hard at her place (around 50 miles away) the raindrops were bouncing about 2ft into the air on impact.

As I don't have any photos to show for my efforts today, I'm posting a picture which, I think, was taken by housemate's son.  I found it on a camera card I hadn't used in a while and the photos on it aren't mine, so I'm guessing I lent him the card.  I vaguely remember this path being in the woods near Langsett reservoir.

Hope you're all keeping warm and dry.

Until next time. x

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