Saturday, 14 September 2013

Step Counting Freebie

Small has got a bit fed up with step counting in 2s the 2p coins I printed out and stuck onto the dining room wall.  I'd printed out the numbers from 0 up to 24 - mainly because the numbers are also useful for the 2x table, but also because a girl's only got so much room in her dining room school room to stick up useful posters and stuff!

He's been counting on beyond the 24 on the wall, and as he can already count to 100 (thanks to playing Snakes and Ladders since he was 2) I decided to create him something a little more challenging.

Introducing "Counting Sheep" - a 10-page freebie you can download and use to help your own small or classroom of smalls with step counting.  Some of the sheep are blank for the kiddos to fill in, which also helps with number formation.

Counting Sheep Freebie
Have fun, and until next time. x

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