Monday, 30 September 2013

So dam good

My lovely neighbour is now in possession of her large bottle of elderberry cough syrup, and I got a bonus gift.  A bagful of damsons - almost 8lb of them.  Now I must admit the only previous experience I have of said fruit is the extremely sour offering from my parents' trees.  Yuck!  Neighbour's husband obviously had a similar experience as when he discovered his plum tree was actually a damson, he was happy to pass the fruit my way.

The bluish black fruits smell deliciously fruity, but appearances can sometimes be deceptive.  Uncooked, these are as sour as I remember them to be.  Cooking them however releases all the gorgeous colour and flavour and a saucepan of these beauties simmering away on the stove looks and smells divine.

I've ended up with quite a selection of goodies, and I've got a couple of pounds left to do yet.  I have some scrumptious damson jelly, some damson syrup which will be awesome drizzled over ice cream, and two bottles of "dambeena" cordial from Pam Corbin's River Cottage Preserving Handbook recipe.

Damson goodies - jelly, syrup and cordial
If, like me, you rank damsons pretty low down on your list of fruits worth making things out of, it might be worth giving them another go.  All the things I've made from my gifted berries are absolutely delicious and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed Mr Neighbour doesn't develop a liking for them!

Until next time. x


  1. Hello, I've just found your blog via somewhere else and am adding you to my reading list- which is now a mile long!

  2. Haven't used Damsons before but will have to keep an eye out for some next year!! Rosehip is next on my hit list, we made some lovely jelly and syrup last year. Can you share your "blackbena" or "dambena


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