Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fair exchange

The neighbour I mentioned in yesterday's post about Elderberry Syrup liked it so much she wanted some, but was reluctant to try making it herself.  Knowing she and her husband have a glut of eggs thanks to some new chickens, we agreed a trade.  She picks her own berries and gives me some eggs, and I'll make the syrup for her.

It's been a while since I had home-grown free range eggs.  I used to get some from another neighbour, but he's now down to only two chickens, and so getting some again was a real treat.  The so-called free range eggs sold in shops aren't a patch on these.

Proper home-grown free range eggs
There was only one thing for it.  Boiled eggs for tea!  The yolks were so dark and the flavour absolutely gorgeous.

Followed by apple crumble made from apples foraged locally, I had a thoroughly home-made / home grown and frugal tea.

Home made apple crumble
Until next time. x

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