Monday, 9 September 2013

Back from hols and a freebie

Apologies for the lack of blogging, but we've been taking a well-earned break and enjoying a "not back to school" holiday.  As a home educator, I don't observe school holidays where most kids do absolutely nothing and forget everything they've learned.  Here, we learn every day.  We do take time out though, and what better time to enjoy a holiday than when all the other kids have gone back to school!  Frugal as ever, we went to visit my parents who live in North Wales.

We did lots of foraging for blackberries which were frozen and brought home to make delicious bramble jelly.  We visited Llanberis, right in the heart of Snowdonia, and took a ride on the Llyn Padarn railway,

"Dolbadarn" engine at Llanberis Lake Railway
and we also visited the fantastic - and better still free - National Slate Museum, which is just opposite the Gilfach Du station on the Llanberis Lake Railway.
National Slate Museum of Wales
The museum also provides spectacular views of the Vivian incline at the former Dinorwig Quarry.  The mined slate was transported down the incline to the railway below, and then (presumably) transferred to the main gauge railway which was on the opposite side of the lake to the narrow gauge railway, so it could be freighted to Port Dinorwig (Felinheli) where it would have been put on the ships for shipment to the world.
The Vivian incline, Llanberis
I've not been totally idle though, and as well as making the blackberry jelly, I've also put together a little freebie, in the form of sight word cards that can be used as flashcards or as games for Reception/Pre-K age kids.  Enjoy!


Until next time. x

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