Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Would you drink these things?

Ask yourself these questions ...

 Would you like to drink:
  1. Something used to remove blood from the road following an accident?
  2. Something so acidic, it dissolves a T-bone steak?
  3. Something that cleans your toilet?
  4. Rust remover?
  5. Something that cleans corroded battery terminals?
  6. Something that removes grease from clothes?
  7. Windscreen cleaner?
  8. Something that causes osteoporosis?
  9. Something that needs a "highly corrosive" warning to be transported?
  10. Engine cleaner?
Or would you prefer to drink:
  1. Something that effectively stops the midnight munchies?
  2. Something that can effectively prevent waking up with a hangover?
  3. Something that can help prevent several types of cancer?
  4. Something that boosts your brain power?
  5. Something that can help prevent fatigue?
  6. Something that keeps you healthy?
Strangely enough, most people seem to prefer drinking the first group.  All the liquids in this group are sold under the single, lovely-sounding name of ...


Personally, I'd prefer drinking the second group - water.

Until next time. x

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