Sunday, 4 August 2013

Onwards and downwards

Some progress has been made on the two allotment plots, which I think from now on I will just refer to as "the allotment".  A small section of plot 56 has now been strimmed down, but it's no real surprise that the weeds on plot 57 which were cut have regrown now that we've had some rain, and will have to be cut back again.

I stupidly forgot to take the camera down with me today, so will have to post some photos tomorrow of what's been achieved, but we now have two pallet compost "bins" around 20m down the plot, and nearby, I've been digging downwards into the beginnings of the first veg bed.

I've measured out an area that's 3ft wide by 9ft long, which will be divided with string lines into square-foot planting areas, and made a border from planking around the edge.  It might seem daft given the huge space we have available to make such a relatively small bed, but the whole idea is that once dug, the soil isn't walked on again, and the 3ft wide area is just nice so I can reach everything without having to step on it.  Once that one's completed, we'll make some more, and at least after today's work, I can see the beginnings of something achieved.

Until next time. x

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