Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cheap meal

Evening all.

Okay, so the photo above doesn't show the healthiest meal in the world, but once in a while there's nothing wrong with bangers and chips.  I was so looking forward to it I ate half a sausage before I remembered to take the photo!

A very cheap and filling meal, this costs less than £1 per portion and both the sausages and the chips are from Aldi.

Sausages:  Cumberland (they also do plain or Lincolnshire) at £1.09 for a pack of 8
Chips:  Crinkle cut grill/oven/fry chips at £1.00 per pack.
Optional ketchup and/or mayo = pennies.

This will serve me and Small twice, with plenty of chips left over for another day, and we do usually have a helping of Aldi petits pois and Aldi frozen sweetcorn with it.  Altogether, this costs around 50p for an adult portion and about 30p for a small's portion.

Even if I ate half the sausages, with some chips, sweetcorn and peas, the cost would still be around 70p per portion.


Until next time. x

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