Friday, 2 August 2013

Calling the tooth fairy

Housemate's son went off back to his mum's today.  He's not always the easiest child to cope with as he's prone to totally disproportionate tantrums, but all in all it's been an enjoyable fortnight and I know Small will miss having him around.

While he's been here, he's joined in well with Small's home school life, and much to my surprise has shown a willingness to do "learning" as he calls it.  I can but hope that some of what we've covered has sunk in and will stand him in better stead as he progresses into year 5 in September.

A little piece of him is staying behind though, as literally seconds after the photo below was taken, the tooth fell out, and was put with much glee into his tooth pillow to be left out for the tooth fairy.  She had to hurriedly disappear round to a neighbour's in search of some change, but all worked out well in the end.

Canine tooth hanging by a thread - literally!
Until next time. x

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