Sunday, 21 July 2013

We can do maths

Maths was never one of my strong points at school, or not at secondary level anyway.  I was ok when I first started at "the big school" but once we began doing things like algebra, which was never explained to me in a way I could understand, it all fell apart and I lost interest.

Housemate's  son is still in primary school, but he already seems to have lost interest in maths, "I hate maths," he says.  He's certainly struggling and his latest school report is of the "could do better" kind.  Homework is always a running battle with him, as while his dad (and I) are always more than willing to help him, we obviously don't work things out the same way as school does.  We end up with the right answer, but because we don't do it school's way, he gets upset because he feels he'll get into trouble if he doesn't work the sum out the say they say he should.  Aaaaaaargh!

OK, so the summer holidays have just started but I've an eye on the fact he's moving up a year, and home schooled Small also needs some new material for the next few months.  That's my excuse for the fact I've been buying some books.  Among those recommended for maths, by both fellow home edders and teachers alike, is the "Maths on Target" series for KS2 pupils.


The books I've linked to above are the revised versions - the older (and apparently less clearly defined ones) are called "Target Maths".  From the reviews I've read, the newer ones above have all the topics differentiated into three abilities - less able, core/average level, and challenging for those who are well ahead.

Note:  The answers aren't included in the books, so no possibility of Little Johnny or Jane cheating!!  Answer books can be bought separately if required.  Hopefully I can cope, but I think I'll have to resort to buying answer books for when we move on to the KS3 level.

I'm looking forward to getting my copies and hopefully being able to help housemate's son, as well as brushing up on my own maths as I've no doubt Small will soon catch up with me.

Until next time. x

Disclaimer: Any purchases made through the above affiliate links will pay me a small commission which I use to purchase further educational resources.

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