Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Thirty minutes well spent

Spending half an hour on the phone today has saved me over £200, which I consider time well spent.

A couple of years ago, I transferred the telephone and broadband contract away from BT and over to Sky.  While I didn't particularly want TV - I'd done without one for over 10 years - it was a useful resource Small, and I got the TV, broadband and telephone from Sky for the same price as I was paying BT for just the broadband and phone.

Over the time I've been with Sky though, the price has crept up and although I'll never go back to BT, I decided to cancel with Sky when the contract comes to an end in September.

They obviously don't like losing customers, and initially they offered to upgrade me to include the sports and movies package for free.  As I'm not remotely interested in either, I said no.  They then offered to drop the price of the package I'm on by £18 a month on a 12-month tie in.  Happy with that, I agreed to the offer and will save £216 over the next 12 months, which will pay for the TV licence.  I call that a result.

So if your phone/tv/broadband or whatever you have is about to come to an end, tell them you're going to cancel.  You never know what you might save!

Until next time. x

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  1. Exactly the same happened to me! I have sky, broadband and phone with sky and like you noticed that the price keeps creeping up. I phoned to cancel as found a cheaper provider but offered me a great deal so Im with them until Feb then will start shopping around again


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