Thursday, 11 July 2013

The first of many

As part of my frugal plans for the allotment, pallets feature large on the agenda.  They're free!  In pursuit of that goal, I went foraging for some and managed to fit five into the car.  Two will be used to fence off Plot 57 from 56, and two are perfect for making the beginnings of the compost heap containers.

The fifth though was absolutely perfect, and in almost pristine condition, for dismantling and making into a 3ft square planter case for the square foot garden.  It still needs a weed-proof membrane stapling to the base, and I'm sorely tempted to paint the outside in my favourite colour - purple.  I see no reason why my allotment shouldn't be colourful!

First 3ft square planter case
Meanwhile, the "Rocket" potatoes I dug yesterday were made into another messy salad, and were absolutely delicious.  I shall certainly consider growing both "Rocket" and "Casablanca" again, as both were infinitely preferable to the "Charlotte" I grew last year.

And in other news, the bucket I planted up with some lettuces is doing really well, and these should soon be ready to harvest.

Until next time.

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