Thursday, 18 July 2013

My favourite supper

One of my favourite meals when I can't really be bothered to cook, or like last night when I was gardening and it just got rather late in the day to start cooking, is what I call "cheesy garlic toast".

Very simple to make, and extremely cheap, this meal is both tasty and filling.

Decide how many slices of toast you want to eat, and finely chop that many cloves of garlic.  Toast the bread on one side only (so under the grill not in the toaster), and turn them un-toasted side up on the grill pan rack.

Cover each slice with a teaspoonful of chopped garlic, then cover the raw garlic with slices of cheese.  The very best kind to use for this meal is the cheapest mild white block cheddar, cut into thin-ish slices.  Anything stronger just doesn't do the job for some reason, and neither do other types of cheese - I have, in an emergency, used leftover mozzarella, but that really doesn't work too well either.  Whatever you do, don't use those slices of processed cheese that come individually wrapped in cellophane.

Put it all back under the grill until the cheese has all melted and gone bubbly, and the bare bits of bread have toasted.  Cut in half, and serve.  Yummy-licious and also an extremely good way to take in lots of nature's own antibiotic (garlic).

Very smelly but ultra tasty, though probably best avoided if you have a job interview or important meeting the next day.  Might be one to save for the weekend!

Until next time.

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  1. I can not slice cheese for the life of me and the one time i used a wire I lost a slice off my finger, and wasted the cheese to boot. I grate mine and mix a dollop of homemade garlic paste and a smaller dollop of mayo and a shake of Worcestershire sauce a quick mix with a fork and it spreads over the bread beautifully. My paste is just roasted whole heads of garlic squeezed out of the skins and mixed with a teeny dribble of olive oil, I freeze it in ice cube trays and tip them into a plastic freezer box to store.


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