Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jam tonight

It's been a busy day, and it's going to be an even busier evening as I have three baskets of these to hull and turn into jam ... Although I suspect a few may be snaffled to go on top of some scones and a bowlful or two might be served with a good dollop of cream.  I don't think Wimbledon's finished yet, has it?

Hand picked by yours truly
I've been waiting and waiting for what seems like ages for the strawberry season to start at the local-ish 'pick your own' farms, but that cold snap we had seems to have delayed their development by a good two weeks.  Instead of the picking season starting in mid-June, it's been late this year and hasn't started until the first week of July.

I got these juicy beauties from Eastfield Farm, which is in Tickhill and close to the M18/M1.  For sat-nav, the postcode is DN11 9JD.

I think I may have gone a little overboard, and in my enthusiasm picked rather a lot!  I'll let you know tomorrow how the jamming session turned out.

Until next time.

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