Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jam heaven

The results of yesterday's strawberry picking are in.  I had approximately 18lbs or just over 8kg of strawberries, which were hulled, chopped or blitzed, and jammed, turned into syrup, puree, or cordial.  A couple of bowls of strawberries are in the fridge awaiting the making of scones, and two bags of unadulterated strawberries have also been frozen for a later date.

I've ended up with about 10 jars of jam, two jars of syrup/runny jelly, and two bottles of cordial - one just strawberry, the other strawberry and apple.  Apologies for the mixed-up metric and imperial measurements used below!

What the baskets of strawberries ended up as
For the jam/jelly, I chopped or pureed 1 kilo of berries and added either 2lb of jam sugar with pectin, or 2lb of granulated sugar with the juice of 2 lemons or 2tbs of citric acid.  I tried various combinations, mainly to see whether it made any difference to the end product.  It didn't.

All the jams/jellies are rather a soft set, and it didn't matter whether I used the jam sugar with added pectin (which in the past has produced a solid-set jam) or followed a recipe that used lemon juice or citric acid instead of pectin.  The results were the same.

The only difference for making jelly to making jam is that once the berries have been pulped and boiled into a nice liquid, they're strained through a muslin cloth so there are no seeds.  As it's turned out rather syrup-like, it'll be yummy drizzled over ice cream.

For the cordials, I used 500g of fruit and added half a pint of water.  This was boiled up and also strained through muslin.  Whatever volume of liquid I ended up with, I added half the amount of sugar, so for example if I had 600ml of liquid, I added 300g of sugar.

I think I can safely say we'll not be needing to buy any strawberry jam for quite some time!

Until next time. x

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  1. Strawberry jam is our favourite but the berries can be quite expensive even at the local PYO you can use half strawbs and half rhubarb to make the fruit go a bit further and you can't tell the difference tastewise

    Thanks for visiting me and good luck with the lottie clearance


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