Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I need a pantry

I got my hands on the gooseberries today, all 343g of them.  For some reason, gooseberry bushes never seem to produce very large yields, but I did better than my mother who got just half a pound or around 225g.  My neighbour, on whose allotment the berry bushes are, told me to help myself to any raspberries that were ready, so I did.  I don't think his wife likes the idea of making jam!

So along with all the jars of strawberry jam and red currant jelly, I now have a few jars of raspberry jelly (seedless), and two small jars of gooseberry.  I definitely need a pantry to keep these goodies in, and we haven't even reached blackberry and elderberry season yet.

The raspberry jelly had the benefit of literally two dozen black currants thrown in with it, and they've really made a difference to the colour - but not the flavour - of the jelly.  It's the most gorgeous deep purpley-red, and tastes delicious.  I had some on toast for my tea.  There was also enough to make a full bottle of cordial.  Yum.

The gooseberries made two small 4oz jars, and the jelly is the palest of pale pink.

Until next time. x


  1. Looking good, i too have been jelly making , when I started preving I kept all my precious hm preserves in one of those under bed storage boxes....sad I know


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