Monday, 1 July 2013

Hunting tigers on plot 57

Hooray!  I've finally got one!  An allotment that is, or to be more precise, I've got a jungle.  When I told a neighbour which plot I'd taken on, he laughed and told me I could go hunting tigers on it, the grass was so long.

Plot 57 - aka The Jungle
The plot is half (widthways) of what can be seen in the photo, with plot 56 nearest the metal council fence that's just visible on the left of the pic.  After a morning spent clearing bits of old wood, plastic and all sorts of other rubbish into some semblance of a heap near the entrance, things look a little tidier, and the hens and ducks on plot 58 were most grateful for some additional protein in the shape of lots of slugs which I threw their way.

I haven't found any tigers yet, but did find a lovely little green and yellow frog which Small thought was awesome until it jumped off my hand and frightened the life out of him!

It's going to be a long haul and an awful lot of hard work to get this allotment plot into anything like a fit shape to start growing anything or get any chickens of my own, but by the end of the morning, it looked like this ...
making headway
I just need to remember to take the camera with me now so I can chart our progress as we plod on and try and clear the whole 270ft plot.

Until next time. x


  1. I'm a bit jealous that you have a allotment but looking forward to hearing all the wonderful things you grow.
    I would love to have a bash at growing my own veggies but my little'un would pull them all up before time! X

  2. I have just found your blog and I am delighted to read that you now have an allotment. Congratulations. It looks like hard work to start with, that is often the case, but it will be very satisfying when you see your veggies popping their head out of the ground. I will be following your blog to see how you go.


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