Saturday, 6 July 2013

Home grown potato salad

The lovely little "Casablanca" potatoes I dug yesterday were turned into a lovely, and cheap, meal.

Messy salad
Last night's version of "Messy Salad"

Enough new potatoes for each person (potatoes were homegrown and free)
2 x hard boiled eggs per person (hopefully next year I'll have my own chooks, 60p)
4 x cherry tomatoes per person (49p for a punnet from Aldi, so about 25p)
Baby lettuce leaves from the garden (free)
Half a pack of oak smoked streaky bacon, grilled and chopped (£1.00)
A dollop of mayonnaise (about 15p)

Mix it all up, and voila.  Lunch, or supper.

The whole meal cost £2.00, and I shared it with housemate (who's done really well and lost half a stone since he started the low-carb diet, so was allowed some potato), so it worked out at £1 per portion.  All in all, a very frugal, healthy and at least part home grown meal.

Until next time. x

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