Saturday, 20 July 2013

Home education offers

Just a quick post today, as we've been up to our ears in maths, reading and writing, and PE in the park as it's been much cooler today. It was good to have a run around again.

While I had five minutes peace, I found some great offers on the Collins Educational website, with workbooks for £1.00 each, including a lot from the "Little Wizard" range, which we love.  Postage for my whole order was a very reasonable flat rate of £2.95.  BTW - I'm not getting any commission or anything for recommending these, I just thought I'd pass on a suggestion for fellow home edders.

I've seen quite a few of this publisher's books come highly recommended by reviewers on Amazon, but these offers are available only from the Collins website itself.  To see what's available, go to the site using the link above, click on the "Offers" tab, then look for "Find more £1 books from other subjects".  Lots of maths and English practice and revision books.

I'm not sure how often these offers change, but I'll certainly be checking back from time to time to see of there are any different ones.

Until next time. x

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  1. Thanks for the link - off to check it out now.


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