Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Garden harvest

Today we've harvested our second batch of GYOP spuds, which we've been growing as part of the Potato Council's education programme.  This time the variety is "Rocket" and the yield isn't bad at all, with some decent sized potatoes.

Homegrown "Rocket" potatoes
The pea crop has been a bit of a disaster this year, but we also managed to harvest a few peas.  I can't remember what variety these were, as the slugs and snails ate the packet which I'd used as an identifier.  Note to self: Next year, write on a wooden coffee stirer, they don't eat those!

My garden helper wanted to pose with the peas, and is looking forward to helping with cleaning, cooking and eating "his" potatoes.
Until next time.


  1. I love this! Going to sign up for the potatos next year, thank you :) x

  2. Have you tried growing pea shoots using marrowfat peas? I harvested two grops from small ice cream containers and then left them to grow again. I had lots of flowers and then pods and harvested quite a few peas from the mini pods! (I could point yoiu in the direct direcxtion if you need it!!)


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