Friday, 5 July 2013

First potatoes of the year

A while back, I posted about the potato kits Small and I got from the Potato Council as part of the "Grow your own" education scheme.

Grow your own potatoes kit
 As the tubers were rather late going in due to the very cold weather we had at the beginning of "Spring", I've left them a bit longer than the suggested 10-12 weeks for early potatoes and today's the day I tipped out the first growing bag to see what sort of yield we'd managed.

The potato type is "Casablanca" which is a first early variety.  The potato database has more info for anyone wanting to try this one for themselves.  My potatoes certainly have the nice creamy oval tubers described, but I wouldn't say the crop was particularly heavy given I had 3 tubers in the growing bag.

Just dug
After a scrub
I do sometimes wonder whether it's really worth my while growing potatoes, as the yields I've achieved from the garden aren't spectacular.  Last year's effort was a complete wash out, and the previous year was so dry they just didn't firm up properly at all.  Still, we don't eat that many potatoes anyway and there's always the allotment to try growing some on next year.

Speaking of the allotment, I suppose I'd better get back down there and do some more clearing up.

Until next time. x


  1. I grow lots of potatoes in pots too, and I reckon that although the yields are not big, the quality of the crop makes it all worthwhile. I have some "Casablanca" this year, but I haven't harvested them yet.

  2. I've yet to harvest our GYOP this year - we planted late, like you, for the same reasons. Your yield looks pretty normal, compared to our previous years! lol x


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