Thursday, 11 April 2013

Washing powder revisited

Back in November, I blogged about my first attempt at homemade washing powder.  Since then, I've slowly been tweaking the mixture until I found one I'm completely happy with.

Now, rather than buying a separate box of Granny's soap flakes, I simply grate up two bars of soap; one Palmolive (green), and one Knight's Castile (white).  I've found this adds a slight but not overwhelming fragrance to the mix and leaves no soap residue whatsoever on the laundry.  I do though, recommend removing the soap bars from their packaging and leaving them out in the open air for a few weeks prior to grating.

Put half the grated soap in a bowl with half a 500g pack of Borax substitute, and around half a 1kg bag of soda crystals.  Using a rubber gloved hand - remember soda crystals are mildly caustic and can irritate skin - mix all the ingredients together, pinching out any lumps so you end up with a nice smooth mixture.  Keep the rest of the grated soap flakes in an old tub or jar for next time.

I remembered to take photos just before I put the last bit into the storage container, so this is only a small portion of the mix!

For reference, the scoop I use to measure out my laundry detergent is out of a tub of Vanish powder, and I use one level scoop per load.   Pour or scoop the mixture into a storage jar, and voila.

My jar of laundry detergent
I got several of the storage jars from Home Bargains and I use them for all sorts of dry goods, from sugar to bicarbonate of soda and washing powder.  This load of mixture made enough for 20 washes, and cost ± £1.70 to make, which is considerably less than a small box of commercial washing powder such as Bold or similar.

I think my homemade version smells better to.  My clothes smell fresh and clean, but they're not sick-makingly perfumed.  Since I stopped using proprietary laundry products, I've really started to notice just how revolting clothes washed in said commercial products really smell.  I used to quite enjoy walking down the "smellies" aisle at the supermarket, now it makes me want to gag and sets off a huge coughing fit :(

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