Thursday, 25 April 2013

Homemade quiche

Quiche isn't something I think about very often, even when I've got eggs that need using up.  I just forget all about it as a recipe, like I do with omelette!  To make amends and to use up some leftovers, I've made one today.

The recipe calls for shortcrust pastry - the amount needed depends on the size of your dish, but for mine 4oz of pastry is just right.  I make mine from scratch, but you could always use ready mixed and just add water, or buy ready-made pastry.

Once the pastry is rolled out, line the dish with it and bake blind (without anything in it except perhaps some baking beans [I don't bother!]) for about 6 minutes.  While this was cooking, I fried up a few slices of bacon, chopped some left-over chicken, and grated some cheddar cheese.  I also beat 6 eggs, ready to pour into the dish.  Of course you can substitute pretty much anything, or make a vegetarian version.

All the bits and pieces were thrown into the dish, and the egg was poured onto it.  There wasn't quite enough egg, so I beat another 4.  With the dish filled, it was back into the oven for 35 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.  I'll be eating the end result for tea tonight, and any that's left will make a handy lunch-time snack.

Chicken, bacon and cheese quiche
How do you use up leftovers?

Until next time.

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