Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Book Review: 20 Floral Bags to Make

by Susan Cariello

My latest acquisition from the local library, and I have to say I both love and hate this book!

I love it for the absolutely gorgeous bags, all with the most exquisite embroidery detail, many of which I'd dearly love to make.

I hate it because the "templates" it comes with are all for the bags, and not for the embroidery itself.

While the templates are useful for the overall shapes and styles of the bags, I'd find the book far more complete if it actually had templates for the embroidery patterns as well, thus enabling me to tackle a project from start to finish.  The author does tell readers how she created the various designs, and there are lots of tips and tricks on how the end result was achieved.

However as someone who is neither competent nor confident enough to try embroidering without a pattern to follow, the book is pretty useless as there's no way I can actually make any of the bags depicted, other than the basic bag shapes, without an embroidery pattern.  I know full well that my attempts to recreate what Susan Cariello has done would be vastly inferior!

Rather a disappointment, and not a book I would recommend unless you're simply looking for inspiration or, you're already adept at free embroidery.