Thursday, 31 January 2013

Scrappy placemat

Today I set myself a challenge:  To make patchwork squares from nothing but scraps that were lying around.  And by scraps, I mean bits that in some cases, measured only an inch square or three-quarters of an inch wide!

I ended up with 12 blocks.  I could have made a lot more, but settled on 12 four inch blocks, as laying them out 4 x 3 is an ideal size for a placemat.  I made some binding out of some more scrap - parts of an old shirt to be precise - and this was the result.

A totally unique, never possible to repeat, placemat.

There's a lot of history in it too, particularly in the blues.  I remember Mum having a dress made from the stripy fabric, from the floral one next to it, she made me a pair of pyjamas, and the large-ish blue piece in the centre was left overs from fabric used to make what was once our kitchen curtains when I was a child.

Happy memories :)

Until next time. x

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