Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Meet some more friends

After I'd finished my mum's quilt, I decided I couldn't send it off to her without sending one for Dad too.

I think I mentioned that my parent's bedroom had always been mostly pink and green, but with the odd bit of tonal blue in the fabrics.  It stood to reason then that a lot of the fabric samples mum had acquired over the years were in shades of blue, with quite a few browns and beiges as well.  Perfect for a more "blokey" quilt.

I've pieced these together using 6" squares, which are then joined together with a cream strip, with a further 6" cream strip top and bottom.

Dad's quilt
This one has been hand bound using a 2.5" folded binding that I pieced together out of strips from both mum's and my stash.

Both quilts are now packed up and will be posted to my parents tomorrow, along with strict instructions that they are to be used, not put in a cupboard.  Mum has a tendency to put pretty things "away somewhere safe" just because they're pretty.  I hope she doesn't do that with these!

Until next time. x

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