Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Giving in to temptation

Until today, I've resisted the temptation to take myself on a scrappy trip around the world.  If you're not into fabric or quilting, you've probably no idea what I'm talking about ... and if I'm honest, I hadn't a clue either till recently.

I can't remember whose blog I was reading when I discovered this wonderful stash-buster, but it led me to this blog, which has instructions on how to construct this novel quilt which is a great way to use up those left-over scraps all fabricaholics end up with.

I couldn't resist any longer, and just had to give it a go!  I spent a goodly part of today constructing three blocks, of which this one is the first.
Each finished block measures 12" square, so I reckon I should need 30 or 35, to get a good sized quilt.  I'm not overly fond of quilts that completely cover the bed and hang down to the floor, and I prefer ones that just sit nicely on top of the bed, so my initial target is 5 blocks wide by 6 or 7 long.

This will definitely be a long-time work in progress!

Until next time. x

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