Saturday, 26 January 2013

A vintage haul

Last night, we had some more of this ...

which was most annoying, because my friend and I wanted to go to an auction today.  Fortunately, a lot of it had melted by this morning, and we were left with a slushy mush.  The motorway was clear, although the spray being thrown up was horrible.

As we got nearer to where the auction was being held though, the roads got progressively worse.

We arrived just before the auction started, which didn't give us much time to look around.  I did spot some bags of vintage linen though, and I got lucky.  A nice haul for just £6!

Among the bits and bobs were lots of hand tatted tray cloths and doilies, and this lovely embroidered tray cloth, which looks a bit crinkly at the moment because it's just come out of the wash.

I've no doubt some of the items will find themselves chopped up and being made into up-coming quilts and shopping bags.

Until next time. x

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