Friday, 28 December 2012

Waste not, want not

I purposefully bought a small piece of turkey for Christmas dinner this year.  It wasn't even a turkey crown, more like half a crown, and the intention was that it would serve four very nicely on the day itself, with a bit left over for the day after Boxing Day.

Unfortunately things didn't pan out that way.  Various members of the entire family went down with "The Bug", starting the day before Christmas Eve, and continuing until yesterday.  The big family gathering on Boxing Day was postponed several times, and Christmas dinner ended up being dinner for one!  Me!  And all in all, there was rather a lot of my turkey half-crown left over!

Apparently as a nation, the UK throws away a staggering 230,000 tonnes of food worth in excess of £275 million, over the Christmas period alone.  Not wanting to be party to this quite mind boggling wastage, I was determined to do something with my left-overs.

The answer?  Whip up a bit of pastry and make a turkey and bacon quiche, topped with some grated Cotswold cheese (the double Gloucester with chives and onions).  Thoroughly delicious, and I just remembered to take a photo of it before it was all gone :)

I also found some Bramley apples lurking at the back of the fridge, and there was enough for a couple of apple crumbles.  A good result, with no food being wasted and nothing being spent on buying more.
Until next time. x

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