Monday, 17 December 2012

Going a little further

I've been chopping up soap again.  This time it was some creamy-coloured castile soap for which I have a range of intended uses.  This is just a quick tip, but one which came as an interesting discovery to me.

I grated up two bars of Knight's Castile soap, which costs around 90p for 5 bars at Home Bargains or similar, and the bars aren't individually wrapped.  The first bar I grated had been sitting in the cupboard minus its outer pack for a while.  The soap was very firm and grated up into lovely small bits, even on the 'big' part of the grater (the one you'd use for cheese).

Needing a bit more grated soap, I opened up a new pack and noticed that the bars that had been sealed in the wrapping felt a lot softer than the one I'd just grated.  It also started grating just like cheese when I used the 'big' grater, very large, curly bits.  To get the same nice consistency of really small flakes, I ended up having to grate the new softer bar on the garlic grater.

Interesting!  Obviously by exposing the first soap bar to the air, it had continued to cure and became a lot harder, which in turn means it would last a lot longer.  The soft, newly opened bar wouldn't last nearly as long!!

In future, I'll be opening my soap packs as soon as I get them home, and leaving the bars 'naked'.  They'll last longer and go further. :)

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